Thursday, 13 March 2008

Role-swapping? Who wears the apron?

I've been surfing. There are one or two sites that indicate (to me at least) the idea that house-husbands are a reality. But not many that suggest the opposite, that women can he 'husbands'. Okay, lots of sites that show dominant females, which only indicates to me that there are sub males out there. But what about women who are natural in the authority. Women who can run a business but feel that a housework is beneath them? Why is it impossible to imagine that a man would happily obey a woman (in the way that women have traditionally obeyed their husbands). The 'good' thing is that few wives will admit to being obedient (whereas fifty years ago they did) and they don't like their men 'instructing' them in front of other people. Maybe wives like me are meant to keep quiet about what my man does and about what I want. Surely that just helps sadistic and bullying wives (how many shelters for battered husbands?). Spousal abuse is real, but it's a joke when a man is the victim. I don't want my man seen as either a victim, a figure of fun or an object of derision simply because I'm unwilling to live like most women. It's no longer 'who wears the trousers? It's 'who is willing to wear the apron?. And if it's not me then it has to be my husband? Does that make him a wife?


Polyfetishist said...

There are a fair number of submissive men and dominant women out there who blog. This includes couples with the woman as primary breadwinner and the male spouse who acts as househusband.

And feminization (something more common I think than many people realize).

For the female spouse to assume a title like husband is rare. Probably most dominant women don't think of themselves as masculine.

And for younger couples the old stereotypes about man and wife are meaningless relics.

RH Music said...

I know this is years too late, but what the hell. Here is a site which I think covers what you are discussing: Real Women Don't Do Housework