Monday, 17 March 2008

The Feminization of Men?

I've just read an article entitled The Feminization of Men -
It's a kind of complaint I think about the way we women are intent of turning our men into non-men. Quote: "...women want a man who has feminine physical traits, but a combination of feminine and masculine character traits. It is in many ways a contradiction, and the seeking male has to walk a fine line between looking like a sissy and actually being a sissy."
I was irritated at first (I mean it appeared to be aimed in my direction) but to be fair it did explain a lot. Maybe I'm not so different than any other woman out there. Maybe we all want a man we can control, alter, direct and subdue...but do we really want a sissy? Wanting a male wife, or a housemaid type husband is not really the same as wanting a sissy in pigtails...


B said...

would love to be your wife

Annie said...

I would like to show you how much of a wife I could be!

Anonymous said...

An important perspective to take into consideration is that some men want to be more feminine. If two consenting adults decide on a relationship in which a woman takes on a more dominant role as head of the household and a feminized male takes on the supportive role of a wife, then why can't they just be happy with it. - Lauren (feminized male)

anal suehaith said...

I am 25 yr old feminine gay male,with an attractive well hung lover who loves to play with my smooth shaven body , I am very fortunate my breast are so perfect and enjoy sun bathing in the front yard my panty tan lines complete my beutiful body, around the house Im a very busy but happy house wife.One thing I enjoy the most about bieng a wife,is the anal sex I get every morning and every night,I am surprised that all the hard work ive put in to making me a sexy woman paid off you cant tell I am a male.

Anonymous said...

I am not comfortable judging how other couples interact in their relationships nor do I feel qualified in commenting on what it means to be male. I can only speak as to what works for us in our relationship in which as a male I have freely adopted the role of housewife. For us this was a no brainer. Personally it never made sense to either one of us that we should have preemptive roles in our marriage due solely to gender.
My wife has always been more dominant then I and soon after our marriage found a job with a large financial firm taking to the corporate culture like a fish takes to water rapidly advancing up the ladder. If she has one fault it would be that she enjoys what she does to the extreme working long and tedious hours losing herself in her work to the point of being a workaholic. On the other hand I have always been more submissive going out of my way to avoid conflict of any type. And why I have always held a job I have never been good at corporate politics which in my opinion has relegated me to remain in middle management while several of my less talented peers have soared past me. Nevertheless between us we do quite well financially and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and are quite happy.
As for me my major faults are that I am a clean freak who has a major organization fetish. This combined with the fact that I have more stable hours, I love to cook and shop and considering that my wife has always been somewhat of a slob who hates housework made me ultimately more qualified to assume the traditional role of housewife. I was never forced or even asked to assume that role and actually love it and though many couples may find it to be odd I enjoy it and my wife appreciates what I do. As a matter of fact it wasn’t until we were at a corporate function one night when a few of the wives jokingly started to rib their husbands about how underappreciated their efforts were at home while their husbands seemed to get all the awards and credit. It was at this juncture that my wife innocently volunteered that she was lucky because her little housewife kept a meticulous house and never complained as she smiled at me. While there was an awkward moment her comment wasn’t meant to be negative but rather as a compliment and I rather enjoyed the term of endearment. On the ride home she was rather apologetic saying she hoped she hadn’t embarrassed me with her comment and that it wasn’t meant to be demeaning. I assured her that I hadn’t taken it that way and was actually quite pleased that she appreciated my efforts and that she could refer to me as her housewife whenever she wanted. Ever since that point she has often referred to me as housewife often coming in from work asking me how her little housewife was doing.
As to the rest of my life when I am relaxing like a lot of other men I enjoy watching sports and playing tennis and golf or working out at the gym. But then again you are just as likely to find me in a day salon getting a massage, facial or a manicure and spa pedicure or enjoying any other number of services they might offer. I have always been concerned about my appearance and my wife introduced me to the wonderful world of spa services as a special treat early in our dating years. As to whether or not this might lead someone to believe I am an effeminate man or somewhat of a sissy in nature I hope not but everyone is entitled to their opinion and quite honestly for the most part I could care less what others might think. And I am pretty sure that the main person that I care about to the contrary would argue that I am more of a man then most males not allowing outward appearances or titles to challenge my sense of masculinity.

Anonymous said...

now a sissy male wife
always in my nylon pantie
purse to match my outfit
sleep in a gown
strict diet-- now size 7 jeans
hair styled & colored blond
she gave my male clothes to Goodwill
she purchases my bras etc.
happen slow but she is now in complete control and I am the sissy

Anonymous said...

now in a size 6 jean
on hormones
ears pierced
all male clothing now gone
she purchases my bra & panties
several night gowns
total sissy
I shop as a female
we go out at night as 2 females
a sissy makes a perfect husband

gerald carey said...
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