Tuesday, 22 April 2008

A bed-jacket for my husband!

I was actually nervous about giving it to him. Not sure why exactly; I know he'll wear it and I also know he won't enjoy wearing it. He already wears silky-smooth pyjamas (pale blue nylon) and the bed-jacket is a match in as much as it's blue and it's made of soft filmy nylon. It is however, ultra feminine. With a double layer of crisp snow-white lace, tiny pearl buttons and a satin ribbon tie it looks like something a matronly Aunt would receiving guests when laid up in bed ill. 'When would I wear it?' Was his first question. Think about that for a minute. Not much resistance there masculine or otherwise you may think. 'Visitors?' He echoed when I suggested that as a reason. 'Who would visit me in the bedroom?'
'Mummy sometimes pops round on a Sunday -' I answered. 'I'm not exactly comfortable about her seeing you, in bed, in your pyjamas.'
'But you're comfortable about her seeing me in this?' He held the froth of nylon aloft.
'Yes,' I replied softly, 'and of course you'll wear your earrings, the one's Mummy bought you. That will please her and wearing your pretty bed-jacket will please me. That is what you want, isn't it darling - to please me?'
'Yes Dear.' My husband was gazing down, at the lovely lace-decorated bed-jacket. I tried imagining my fingers at his throat, tugging at it's satin ribbon tie, flipping open it's buttons... 'Maybe I should have bought you a negligee instead?'


M said...


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Anonymous said...

I just loved this blog and hearing about your husband’s reaction to your gift to him. This blog and the reaction you got from your husband are as significant today as they were the day you posted it. Personally it has always amazed me that people waste time and energy insisting on associating gender to certain clothing items such as bedroom attire, sweat suits, jeans and a vast majority or shirts some that can only be differentiated between based on the side the buttons are on. As for bedroom attire, first of all it is a private matter between consenting adults, secondly men wore nightshirts long before pajamas and men enjoy the feeling of silk as much as women. Obviously you and your husband are comfortable with him wearing nylon pajamas so why wouldn’t you both be comfortable with him in a nice bed coat especially on a cold winter evening. Why do people have to read so much into gifts instead of accepting them from the heart?
My wife and I addressed this issue early on in our relationship. We had a frank open discussion where she admitted that while she wanted to respect my feelings it was a giant turnoff for her to dress up for bed just to have me crawl in beside her in an old pair of boxers and expect her to be instantly turned on. In her opinion women enjoyed the foreplay of unwrapping men equally as their corresponding counterparts. And furthermore that if donning a little silk challenged a man’s masculinity then he had better get help. With that she handed me a pair of black silk pajamas, nothing to elaborate but definitely sexy. Unfortunately for men pajama manufactures do not share the same enlightened philosophy as my wife and there is limited availability in most men’s stores. She was able to find me a black nylon knee length nightshirt but much like you for your husband she eventually turned to perusing the women’s lingerie departments she shopped at for alternative night wear for me. And over the years as our relationship has progressed so has the frilliness of my nightwear. For some men this might seem a bit demeaning but in my mind if that’s what you’re caught up in you’re missing the main point which is centered on your love and respect for the wishes of the woman you love and accepting your role in the relationship.

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